Caitlin Taylor

Caitlin Taylor is an architect, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia GSAPP, and co-founder of the New York-based Water Pore Partnership.

Her ongoing projects include Poreform, which is a porous concrete surface and subterranean water collecting system that would enable cities like Las Vegas to both mitigate the effects of and efficiently collect periodic flood waters. She is also working on an investigation into water testing stations in NYC.

Caitlin's work is located at the intersection of architecture, infrastructure, and agriculture, with a particular focus on the legibility of infrastructure in urban landscape.

Caitlin has a degree in Biochemistry and received her Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture. She also teaches at YSOA, and owns and operates an organic vegetable and cut flower farm in East Haddam, Connecticut, where she lives with her family.


Course Semester Title Student Work Instructor Syllabus Requirements & Sequence Location & Time Session & Points Call No.
A4104‑3 Spring 2017
Architecture Studio IV
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ARCH_Taylor_Gayosso_SP17_02_Plan Close.jpg
ARCH_Taylor_Gilbert_SP17_01_FINAL PLAN zara.jpg
Caitlin Taylor Studio section via lottery - Required 2nd Year M.Arch
500 Avery South
M/TH 1:30-6:30 PM, W 3PM-5PM
Full Semester
0 Points